Daniel Bedingfield Is Out Of His Head And Working For You!

It started out a bit rocky – the whole digital revolution and music industry convergence thing. In fact, the disruption was more than disastrous for a number of artists. But now that crowdfunding and social technology are being embraced, a new hybrid breed of digital music making entrepreneurs is on the rise. Sites such as the beloved KickStarter, RocketHub, and PledgeMusic are creating pathways to level the playing field for art to be supported and bestowed upon its true lovers. On top of putting the power in the hands of the artists and the people, one characteristic each of these platforms have in common is that they’re driven by the creative spirit and by deadlines.

Daniel Bedingfield’s deadline is March 6th. The singer/songwriter is inviting all his fans and then some to follow his artistic process in bringing his music to the masses independently through his PledgeMusic fundraising profile.

Here’s how it works. Whenever people pledge to donate money to the campaign, they’ll get instant access to backstage and behind-the-scenes content. The Bedingfield-customized items and experiences up for grabs range from handmade plaid ties and beltst crafted by Bedingfield himself, unreleased demos, Skype singing lessons, and of course, date night. (Oh, Daniel…)

An added bonus to this musical extravaganza is that 15% of the money raised will go to the global anti-traffiking organization STOP THE TRAFFIK, which empowers people to fight human traffiking through community awareness and action. The opportunity to support music and positive social change is indeed one of the sweeter things in life.

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