Paint A Ton Of Social Good With PictureHealing

They say a picture paints a thousand words. In the case of the new smartphone app PictureHealing, an image can do a ton of social good. Through fancy, fun photo-sharing, PictureHealing empowers users to support three charities of their choice. Incentivize caught up with the certified B Corporation’s CEO, Christopher Brereton, to get the lowdown on PictureHealing’s social entrepreneurial secret sauce.

Incentivize: How is PictureHealing different from other charity apps?

PictureHealing is different in a few key ways, one major one being that the app isn’t the core business at the end of the day, it’s the vehicle for the change we’re fostering. It’s sort of the artist’s medium. Our goals are really centered around turning online efforts in to offline actions, and inspiring people to get involved, and learn more through their every day actions.

Incentivize: What’s your secret sauce? How is your business sustainable?

PictureHealing: Oooooh, getting in to the sauce early! Hahaha, well, one of our secret sauces is our relationships with the non-profits that we work with. We aren’t just a high level listing, we really dive in deep with our partnerships and get to know the orgs and where their personal pain points are. From there we try to wrap solutions around them specifically.

Our other major secret sauce is our team of Gurus. I believe throughout my being that no matter how awesome a product or service is, it’s the teams behind them that matter! We’ve been insanely fortunate to build a team of passionate talented people that inspire the crap out of me every day!

Incentivize: Why did you become a social entrepreneur?

PictureHealing: I had never even heard that term when I started PictureHealing. I grew up fronting a touring rock and roll band, so when that all ended I kind of went through this identity crisis for a while, and ended up finding myself wearing a shirt and tie, working as a marketing director for a wealth management company…

I will never forget the day when I was standing inline, on my mobile phone, stressed to the core about things that didn’t matter… waiting for my latte (I am a Coffee Bean addict). When I left the coffee shop to get in to my BMW to rush off to work… I stopped for a second and thought to myself “HOW THE F*** DID I GET HERE!?”

After that, I through caution and a great paycheck to the wind and quit. I decided to focus my talents and ambitions on working for something far greater than a paycheck, and here we are, making waves for change!

Incentivize: Any tips for aspiring social entrepreneurs just getting started or facing challenges?

PictureHealing: Sure. First and foremost, focus on two things: COMMUNITY and COLLABORATION. Second… It’s going to be hard. You’re going to scrape by. If it’s easy, it’s not worth doing. If you aren’t seriously passionate about it, it probably wont work… but if you are excited, passionate and ready to go through the high highs and low lows of building something that is truly great, you’ll never be more happy and fulfilled in your life! Be open to learning every day, because you’ll grow in ways you never know you could.

Incentivize: What’s your company culture like?

PictureHealing staff together on Halloween

PictureHealing: Awesome & Collaborative. We push ourselves to fail often because if you aren’t failing, you aren’t pushing the boundaries.

We operate in a very different way from traditional companies. We have 4 core focuses at PictureHealing (Community, NonProfits, Technology and Business Dev). Rather then having a top down model, we have a guru in the center of each core focus. Our gurus have to work together on just about everything the company does, but only in their respective environments… allowing us to be nimble, turn on a dime and know our stuff to the core.

Incentivize: Where do you see your company in five years?

PictureHealing: I see us working with some of the biggest change makers, thought leaders, and brands committed to bettering our world’s wellness.

Incentivize: Any cool/crazy plans you have in store that you can share?

PictureHealing: Well, we’re doing some highly classified work here:) Just kidding! We’re currently developing some awesome campaigns for our friends at AIDS Walk NY and LA, as well as working on some really fun things for this years Van’s Warped Tour and Music Saves Lives. News on these different efforts will come out pretty soon, as well as some other exciting things we’re in talks on!

Incentivize: Can’t wait to hear more! Thanks, Christopher!

4 Responses to “Paint A Ton Of Social Good With PictureHealing”
  1. Thats an exceptional interview. I’m excited to see the picturehealing teams progress. Seems like they are setting daily examples of giving and living.

  2. Miguel Smith says:

    This sounds like a cool company! I can’t wait to see how they grow!

  3. suzanne says:

    This is true! You guys do put the “class” as in style, into PictureHealing! I love all of your positive words and works that you are all about!!

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