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Report a phone call from 08457023461 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    Call from 'myreading.net' they want my elec/gas readings. Not really sure if they are independent or not - because i upload my meter readings to my supplier on the first of the month - thereby making these types of call redundant. At least they left a message to identify them. Quick fizzer on the way to my supplier then ;-))
    • Caller: myreading.net
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    Lowri beck services ltd are a true legit company and have been running since 1996 I work for Lowri beck as a meter operator and have been for three years now. Why would we be a scam if Npower supply us with all the appropriate documents with our logos added to them!! As many of you said you've contacted Npower to confirm who we are and they have confirmed we are a com
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    Just had the same call as others saying they were 'calling on behalf of' my electricity supplier 'npower'... but I'm not with npower!
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    Hmm getting visits from Lowri Beck and calls to my mobile - three missed today.

    Having researched I understand they're legitimate as a company, but like many others I submit online monthly, and do not wish to be disturbed. If my supplier takes issue with this - they are welcome to call / write to me directly.

    I will call tomorrow. I will be polite but no will be no. They are wasting their time and will not be getting any further information.
    • Caller: Lowri Beck
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    the ox
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    call from this number asking me to provide readings for metering purposes "not for billing".  caller was able to quote the exact correct meter serial numbers for both gas & elec and quoted some previous readings from last year which did seem to tie in.  Asked when the best time of day for meter readers to call is and whether they are inside or outside.   Did seem very odd and I said that I normally submit meter readings online.  We shall see....  I will be reporting to NPower to check it out
    • Caller: Lowri Beck (allegedly on behalf of NPower)
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    the ox replies to the ox
    Did some research and found them online - appears genuine but as yet unconfirmed with my supplier
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    Yesterday (Friday) afternoon I heard a card drop through my letterbox. It was from Lowri Beck Services saying they'd called but I was out and suggesting I phone 0845 702 3461 to report my gas & electric meter readings. All this happened in about 50 seconds, but when I opened the door no sign of any meter reader. We have a loud door knocker which hadn't been used, so seems to me it's either a low grade scam to get people to ring a 0845 number, or the meter reader was celebrating "poet's day"!  Either way I won't be paying to ring a number I don't need.
    • Caller: Lowri Beck Services
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    Report to your Utility Supplier as they pay these people to do the job properly.      Lowri Beck will have been given your contact numbers with or without your knowledge so you can expect to here from them again.    It's the Lowri Beck way.
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    Hey all, this is not a scam, lowri beck are passed your details by your suppliers, they have very tight contractual targets to reach, number of visits/ calls etc, if they don't get the reads, then this goes against them, even by giving your reads direct to your supplier, your supplier will have already put a request out for the reads, regardless.
    Lowri beck are requested to visit every 4-6 months, but sometimes your supplier requests other jobs, such as gas/ elec meter inspections, and as for just putting cards through the door, why would somebody make the effort to go to your property and not knock?  It only takes 2 mins to let the poor guys in, and if phoned for reads, and your unable to do so, then tell them this, but by coming on here, raising suspicion, makes it harder for these guys to earn a crust
    • Caller: Lowri beck
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    Ms C. Mclaren
    I dont wish to recieve calls from this company
    • Caller: Lowri Beck
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    'Tom' called me four times today asking for meter readings,claiming to work for n power. I gave n power readings only two weeks ago. He wasn't able to view readings given, and had a poor excuse ( research) for wanting new readings. Seems like a scam to me. If not and he actually does work for n power then I suggest he TALKS TO THE METERS DEPARTMENT AND STOP CALLING BUSY CUSTOMERS.
    • Caller: n power ?
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    Wheres the Scam?
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    Lowri Beck Sevices IS a genuine Meter reading company, I know this I Work for them, We do ring customers of various energy companies asking for meter readings if there has been a problem getting one or both meter readings.
    Energy supply company's like  Coop,Atlantic (Scottish and Southern Electric), NPower, EDF,Utility Warehouse, GOOD Energy  hire Lowri Beck to do the meter readings for the customers,Hence the phone call saying "We are calling on BEHALF of (X) for your meter reading",we only have limited information like name address telephone number we do NOT have account numbers, Payment details. We only ask for meter readings, I don't see a reason why some of you are calling us a scam caller when we only want meter reading we DON'T ask for any form of payment from you or try to sell you anything, so Please be polite to the people on the other end of the phone they are just doing their job, and they are polite to you too.
    • Caller: Lowri Beck
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    Paffman replies to Wheres the Scam?
    My account has me send in my meter reading every month. Another person usually comes round in person every now and again and read the meter, so what's changed?
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    A Customer
    Got a message left on behalf of NPower asking for meter readings which I supplied online last week.
    While these may be a legit company If they are paid to read my meter they should come out & do it as surely this is to ensure the readings are correct. How do they know the reading I provide is the correct reading!
    • Caller: On behalf of Npower
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    Meter reading service scam
    • Caller: Lowri beck
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    Elec customer
    Legitmate so far as others have said.  They can quote your meter serial No to you, if you have any suspicions over whom has called.
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    Jasmine replies to Margaret Newton

    I've spoken to npower today on this as I keep getting the same calls.

    Even when I told them that I had submitted the latest readings online they said they wanted me to confirm.

    After speaking to npower they have confirmed the below:

    "Ok this is one of our affiliates, that may have been a legitimate call. If you have advised them you should not expect another call."

    I had advised them and yet they carried on calling me so npower suggested...

    "In order to resolve this you will need to contact them. If we needed you to provide meter readings, we would contact you, not a different company. as it is Lowri Beck contacting you the process of unwanted calls would have to be discussed with them as we do not have access to the processes regarding calls and meter reads from them."

    So npower wash their hands of any responsibility and the battle with Lowri Beck continues! I'm fed up with getting these calls!!
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    Hello, I can reassure you that Lowri Beck is a 100% genuine, legitimate company as I work for them as a outbound call adviser.
    When we call customers we have very limited information, this includes their name, address, meter serial number and any previous readings we have taken by either a operative visit, or via the phone.
    When we call, we always say "we are calling on behalf of your supplier" (in the most cases Npower but also various other providers) this is because we are... your energy provider has requested us to ring and if you have any suspicions of who we are I always make it very clear that we are 'Lowri Beck' and that your provider has requested this addition read. These readings cannot be used for anything suspicious, as it is just a number to anyone else other than your provider..
    We would never ask for any bank details or anything likewise. We do need to confirm your address to insure we have the correct details, normally by asking you to provide your postcode or first line of address.
    We do have these details already provided to us by your provider however we aren't allowed for data protecton purposes to give them to you first (with the exception of your postcode in some cases).
    A lot of customers have already submitted their readings directly via Npowers website and it is understandable that it can sometimes be frustrating to have to give it again, although it is required as the readings you provide via their website are for billing purposes, whereas this is a additional read for other purposes and to ensure their systems have the latest readings.

    Advisers such as myself are required to hit targets, as a lot of call centre workers are. This is completely understandable and although I can sometimes push to get a reading, I will always explain that it is absolutely not a issues whatsoever to have your meter physically read instead, when a operative is next in the area, if that is what you prefer.

    There are other various services we provide as a company such as meter replacements but as I don't work for that team I wouldn't like to speculate on exactly what they do.

    I hope I have been able to clear up, exactly what we do as a meter reading company and help anyone who may of been in the dark about who we are.

    Also, Npower and other energy providers should confirm who we are if you ring and ask about us, if that isn't the case then it will be due to a lack of transparency on their end and a miss-informered call centre worker.

    I look forward to possibly dealing with your readings in the future on behalf of your provider.

    Best Wishes
    • Caller: Lowri Beck
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    Libby Hudson
    I got a message saying they were calling on behalf of "your electricity supplier" - company name not mentioned. They asked me to leave a reading on a website (my meter reading) which is not the website of my regular company or phone 08457023461
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    paul barnes
    got a message to provide a meter reading

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