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ITW (Global Telecoms Week) can be a yearly meeting platform for world wide wholesale telecom operators. Annually the event attracts almost 2, 000 businesses and 6000 and delegates. Receive a Call engaged at the function and met prominent worldwide telecom providers. Opportunities to enlarge our vendor network in unitedstates southamerican regions were researched.
The ACC is just one of Asia s most anticipated events attended by industry leaders in wholesale fixed and cellular carriers, for example networks providers, retail services and service providers, industry communication and ICT service providers and enablers, and organizations from the venture marketplace.
Carrier Neighborhood is coordinating its 6th Annual Singapore 20-16 GCCM, on 30th 31st might 20-16 in The Fullerton Hotel. Team Obtain A Phone will probably soon be attending the function to set up new method of trading and to help grow present ventures. Receive a Phone had previously attended Singapore 2015 GCCM and'd obtained satisfying Read more about Team G-C all place to wait GCCM Singapore 20-16.
15 th might 2015 had been a thrilling afternoon for everybody in receive a Phone the beta edition of the VOIP mobile program was ready to get "realworld" testing. The theory was to disperse the program to a larger audience out of the app-development team to inspect the realtime functionality of this program.
Country: USA
410 area code: Maryland (Annapolis, Baltimore, Columbia)
Report a phone call from 410-469-1634 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    | 1 reply
    Calling our landline 2/3x's daily, for several weeks.
    • Caller: 410-469-1634
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    I had a call from this number with automatic message to call immediately to the phone number they provide whitch I didn't wright down. Happens not the first time already.
    • Caller: 4104691634
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    Scammer- do not answer
    • Caller: Unknown
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    | 9 replies
    I'm getting irritated at these damn scam #'s. With all this technology we constantly hear about the "HACKING" our dear Government talks about on Fox News channel, why can't they put their smarts (if they have any) to good use & hack into these scam #'s? I know where they're coming from. Ever since we all "HAD" to have cable, this is where they're all originating from. They've gotta be.  If you figure whenever we need to contact Comcast/Xfinity (one of the same) because of ongoing irritants, we get cust svc reps from the far east, down on the islands, Lord knows where. Probably in a tent in the desert. They accumulate our #'s & they take them & run with them. I don't see any significance to these scam #'s. They NEVER leave a message. If you're smart you won't answer your phone when you see these #'s come up or whatever you do, DO NOT RETURN THEIR CALL. I've received an actual caller mentioning my computer needs upgrading for whatever reason. THIS IS A SCAM! The #'s calling about the IRS will prosecute. OH PLEEEEEZE! The Irs does not make phone calls. People need to be very diligent about their callers. I've also seen on my caller id when the phone rings that the # is my home # that the call is ringing to. I think these scam #'s are associated with the CIA, Secret Svc, terrorism (maybe). And our wonderful government can't figure this out. I hope Mr. Trump while in his "8" years in office has someone get to the bottom of this. "ENOUGH IS #$%&^@% ENOUGH".  I can't get any more truthful than this!
    • Caller: Balto, MD
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    Sirty Danchez
    Old lady be calling up to take peoples for Groceries. But why she is be ask for Social Security number and me date of birth. IS maybe a prank to see if peoples is foolish to give information. I ain't give it up and she ain't be show up to take me shopping for them there Groceries. Is rude of this people to prey on peoples with needs.
    • Caller: Christopher Merling
    • Call type: Prank
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    • Caller: 4104691634
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    Vietnamvet replies to IRRITATED
    | 8 replies
    Sorry, T-RUMP is a huge train wreck and he won't be helping Joe & Jane Average,  The average Americans who voted for T-Rump got conned, big time!  He's a super-crooked Billionaire and Plutocrat (important!), won't release his tax returns (Hillary did) AND every word that comes out of his whale-sized mouth is a lie.  He's a congenital liar and an ego-maniac.  He's the most dangerous person to ever to sit in the W.H.  (or, actually the real W.H., the T-Rump Tower.)   As a Vietnam war veteran, I am especially hateful of T-Rump due to the proven fact that he's a draft dodger.  His very rich parents got a doctor to claim he had "bone spurs" and he got a draft deferment in 1968.  Then, very quickly, he went to college and played 4 sports, including football!  Asked about it, he claimed the bone spurs "went away."  It stinks and so does he, every second of every day.  Our country is in a terrific amount of trouble because the Rat-publicans allowed this Greedy snake to get on the ballot.  Look at the scandals--Flynn, etc., that have already happened.  T-Rump is a Putin chump!
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    timbo replies to Vietnamvet
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    Killary still has ongoing investigations into their scam charitable organization which was nothing more than a Pay-for-play, something to gain access to her if she were to win the election. She accepted millions from overseas countries, but Trump never accepted from anyone, he financed his own campaign specifically so he wouldn't be beholden to anyone, no oversea's Governments or to any Lobbyists. Cheer up Buddy, Trump will put 92 Million 'Mericans back to work that lost their jobs due to Obama, Obamacare, Dingy Harry, and [***] Pelosi.
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    Saw on caller ID.  No message. Put on block for  future calls.
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    Maxine Jacobs
    constant calls, never a message
    • Caller: don't know
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    They call EVERY day. Very frustrating! If they would leave a message we would know if this is a important call.  Persistent and annoying!
    • Caller: 410-469-1634
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    Calls but never leaves messages. If I don't recognize who is calling,I don't answer
    I once got a call years ago,advising the sheriff was coming, well let me tell you I was
    Relentless calling them back, morning noon and night. It finally stopped... never heard from them again.
    • Caller: 410-469-1634
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    T-RUMP Hater!! replies to Vietnamvet
    Best description I've ever heard!  Your permission to share your views with others of the same opinion?
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    Block this number. Scammer. PS Trump is best thing to happen in this country  in 30 years.Dont let the demos keep you hoodwinked and people in poverty which is how they keep their  power by Bulls hitting every one with fake news
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    Jaime Manser
    Tons of all calls from this nimber
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    Baleybuzzing replies to timbo
    Timbo, you're a serious dumbass for believing the lies. And by the way, HIS HEALTHCARE IS THE SAME AS OBAMACARE. HES JUST RENAMING IT YOU GIANT DUMB [***]. HIS CAMPAIGN WAS FUNDED BY RUSSIA.
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    Charlie Brown
    Let's think like Trump.  Let's charge the telephone company for every scam call, you will see how fast it will stop.
    • Caller: 1-410-469-1634
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    Miss Russia replies to Vietnamvet
    vietnamvet, You are a pathetic and miserable person. Try to have a great life before you croak. Get to the Dr. to have that PTSD checked out. It's affecting your thoughts.
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    Watching Myth of "Open Minded Liberals" replies to Vietnamvet
    Get a life. Hillary is an empty (pants) suit.

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