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800 area code: Toll-free
Report a phone call from 800-244-1111 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    Charges in the amount of $75.00 were made to my Amex card in early January, and through my Quickenonline account I noticed that this unbknown charge is scheduled to be made again to my Amex card on April 27.  I called this number and heard a recorded voice that said, "Exciting people are waiting to talk to you.  Please call 1-800-313-2300."  

    Since I have no knowledge of these charges, and suspect that they are fraudulent, I did not call 1-800-313-2300.  Instead, I called Amex and reported these charges as fraudulent.  They are reversing the charge made in January, issuing me a new Amex card and blocking any future attempts by this company to charge my new Amex card.
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    Someone called me at this numer!
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    This number is for QWEST Communications.
    • Caller: QWEST
    • Call type: Event reminder
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    mad replies to phoneguy
    I don't have Qwest and now never will!!!!! It prints up as Peoria City Gov....did not leave a message, but I have several relatives in Peoria and thought possibly the call was related...my brother is a bit of a lead foot...so maybe he needed help...well it was Qwest expecting me to pay the bill of my ex-husband (of 10 yrs)step- sons phone bill!!!!!!!!!!! Son of his current fling...not even his and certainly not my relative.
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    I just received a call from 1-800-244-1111 at 11:35 P.M.!  They said my card had some possible fraudulent charges on it.  They refused to tell me what card.  The operator just kept naming charges and places off.  She would interrupt me.  Who calls at 11:30 P.M.?
    • Caller: wouldn't say
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    I just received two calls from that number; the first hung up after ringing twice, and the second time a young definitely Caucasian American with no accent asked for "Barbara." When I told her no such person existed (not here, that is) she said, "OK, thanks anyway."
    • Caller: not identified
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    Had a call from this number with a message saying that Century Link was confirming an appointment to hook up their services and if I had any questions about this automated call, to contact them at 1-800-224-1111.  Needless to say, I did not call, as I didn't make an appointment with them.  They did not show up on the day mentioned in the message, either..... I assume it's a new way to try to sell their product by making you call them :P
    • Caller: Century Link
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    Andy Wilson
    This is a fake number
    • Caller: xcelserve
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    Century Link, it showed up on my bank statement when I paid my bill online.
    • Caller: Century Link
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    To quote an email:

    Existing customers can qualify for our new customer promotional
    discounts.  To determine if you qualify you will need to speak with a
    Retention Specialist. Unfortunately, we are not able to apply
    promotional discounts via email.  To contact our Retention department
    directly, please call 1 800-244-1111, option #4, option #1.  This will
    put you in contact with a Retention Specialist who can help you to
    review your account.


    Garnett W.
    CenturyLink Customer Care
    Regional Markets Group
    • Caller: Century Link
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    Found a charge of $112.68 from Qwest Communications on my credit card bill today.  I don't have an account with Qwest Communications.  Called the number and received the welcome by Century Link.  Selected an option...guy named Tony answered and said he was just chilling...didn't work for Century Link nor for Qwest.  My credit card company is taking care of this fraudulent billing, thank goodness!
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    Getting spam messages from this number
    • Caller: 9664866446
    • Call type: Text message
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    I'm getting monthly emails to pay my phone bill by calling this number.  It mentions my real phone company and I used to think it was real.  It's been getting them over a year.  But I make a habit of paying my bills the same way every month that doesn't involve using information from an email, and its saved me more than once.
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    Charli replies to K
    Did it occur to you that maybe they dialed the wrong number and it was for another person? I always call because if that was my hookup I'd want someone to let them know I wasn't notified.
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    C replies to J
    go [***] yourself
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    The billing I get from Century Link lists this phone number. But I became convinced several months ago that someone has managed to disguise his/her number so caller ID shows this number. It is certainly a telemarketer
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    Barry L Salter 602-413-6197 Tech Support
    This number 800-244-1111 is a CenturyLink number.  I called them last week and the last couple of days and see I missed a call from them.  After reading what everyone wrote, I decided to call the number and then check my call history and realized, without any doubt, this is the number for them I've been calling.

    Call type: Service, Sales, Collection or reminder..   They have other numbers also of course being a tel-communications company.

    ps avoid fraud..  When called, if you're not sure who is calling..  Hang up and..  Call them back...

    If someone calls you and wants access to your computer, "NO" is a really great answer!
    • Caller: CenturyLink Communications
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    There was a charge on my bank account from this company and phone number today.  Read several posts from others that this has happened to them too and called my bank immediately.  Told them I don't know this company and said the charges were fraudulent and they reversed the charges.  If I continue to see any activity on my card I will be calling the bank back to have my credit cards closed and reissued.  Ruthless...
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    Brian SanTan Valley, AZ
    Centrylink, confirming appointment for installation.
    • Caller: Centry Link
    • Call type: Event reminder
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    I have caller ID and 1-800-244-1111 does come up as a centurylink number.  They just hang up if I don't pick up the phone.  It is Centurylink and it must be a sales call from Century Link. They are my phone company and now I see it is not fraud, just annoying.  I already pay enough

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