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ITW (Global Telecoms Week) can be a yearly meeting platform for world wide wholesale telecom operators. Annually the event attracts almost 2, 000 businesses and 6000 and delegates. Receive a Call engaged at the function and met prominent worldwide telecom providers. Opportunities to enlarge our vendor network in unitedstates southamerican regions were researched.
The ACC is just one of Asia s most anticipated events attended by industry leaders in wholesale fixed and cellular carriers, for example networks providers, retail services and service providers, industry communication and ICT service providers and enablers, and organizations from the venture marketplace.
Carrier Neighborhood is coordinating its 6th Annual Singapore 20-16 GCCM, on 30th 31st might 20-16 in The Fullerton Hotel. Team Obtain A Phone will probably soon be attending the function to set up new method of trading and to help grow present ventures. Receive a Phone had previously attended Singapore 2015 GCCM and'd obtained satisfying Read more about Team G-C all place to wait GCCM Singapore 20-16.
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800 area code: Toll-free
Report a phone call from 800-307-3161 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    | 2 replies
    Yes, this is chase bank. They called to confirm some debit card charges.
    • Caller: Chase Bank
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    Eddy B replies to Bbbb
    Confirmed, Chase Bank Fraud Department checking on debit card transaction.
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    Eddy B
    Chase Bank Fraud Department, verifying card transaction.
    • Caller: Chase Bank
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    Asking for dick pics. Total pervs!
    • Caller: Perverts
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    This number claims to be calling from Chase fraud Dept.  THIS IS NOT TRUE!!!  BEFORE GIVING THEM ANY INFORMATIOM
    • Caller: HIS
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    Amber Harcia
    I have also Confirmed, this is not Chase Bank Fraud Department checking on debit card transaction. Do not give them any information. .
    • Caller: Chase Bank
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    Anon replies to Bbbb
    I called chase to verify this number as belonging to them. This number is not in their system.
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    Received this call today claiming to be Chase Fraud Department (recorded message).  Stated they could not verify my account based on the telephone number - 'please enter your debit card number' was next.  That's when I hung up.
    • Caller: Claimed to be Chase Fraud Department
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    sick of it
    This is [***].  Don't bother to put it on the do not call list, that is totally useless.
    • Caller: chase fraud
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    | 1 reply
    The sent me a text from Chase Fraud saying to call and verify my info as there was suspicious charge on my debit card, they had the last four digits, I have not called them back, they say on test they may block my card until they find out if I used it. Well, I just emailed Chase. Sounds very fishy.
    • Caller: 8003073161
    • Call type: Text message
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    Got a Fraud Text saying it's from Chase wand wanted me to call back regarding a card use. However, I do not have a card ending the number they provided. Weird.
    • Caller: Text
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    Got a text first saying there was a suspicious charge on my card & listed the last four digits of my card. Then I got a call with a recorded message. Not sure if this is legit? Seems weird.
    • Caller: Chase fraud
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    This is fake. I received a call from SUPPOSEDLY Chase (which I do not even have) about charges to my card. I called Chase and they have no account in my name. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFORMATION!
    • Caller: 800 307 3161 Scam
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    | 1 reply
    I received a text last night with this number as a callback, this morning this number called me to verify some charges that have taken place on my Chase card. I called the number for Chase on the back of my card  last night and there was indeed some charges that were definitely not mine. Today the number listed did call me to verify and they knew that I had already called in last night so they did not need any information for me whatsoever.  I verified that this is a legitimate number for Chase fraud at that time. I asked them if they had a time that they sent the text to me last night with this number they verified the exact time I received the text also they  verified the number that I would be given as a callback. I just called Chase again to verify the number that called me they told me they don't have that listed but when I was transferred over to the fraud department the fraud department told me that was a legitimate number.  I find this to not be a scam.
    • Caller: Chase fraud dept
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    | 1 reply
    I just got a text saying that there were some charges that have taken place on my card, I got a call from a weird number (8003073161) that they have taken care of the problem and they have declined the charges. They needed some info of me to verify but I just hanged up and called the ACTUAL chase hotline and told them about the whole thing. They transferred me to chase fraud department and I told them my situation and asked them to verify the number(8003073161) and they confirmed that it was chase's fraud department number, so yes this is no scam.
    • Caller: 800-307-3161
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    • Caller: 800-307-3161
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    Tab replies to Linda
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    Gh replies to J
    Funny when I called chase they said it's a scam.
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    ivy replies to Spinka66
    That is a fishy number, I verified this number to real chase customer service.
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    Got 4 caalls within 2hs and a text after saying the same thing with four random numbers at the end. Never pick up i was asleep lol
    • Caller: "Chase"

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