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800 area code: Toll-free
Report a phone call from 800-620-4284 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    CTI collection agency for outstanding student loans for the government. They call and harass you and threaten to put leans on your income and tax returns if you don't commit to a repayment program. They gave me 30 mins. to decide on how to repay a loan and will provide nothing in writing until you commit to something right on the spot. They provide none of your options in writing so you can look them over and get professional advice. If they make you a offer counter,you must the offer for much less. They tell you the amount they want from you and lead you to believe it is set in stone but you CAN counter the offer. NASTY COMPANY, NASTY EMPLOYEES.
    • Caller: CTI Collection Agency
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    you people are not professional and are lazy' but youre not alone
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    The lady that called me, insisted I get a Walmart debit card and give her the numbers so she can withdrawn the monthly payments. Also did not give me a balance to shoot for.  When ask for a physical address they became very defensive.  When Better Business Bureau was mentioned, they began to panic.
    • Caller: CTI
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    please call this number with an extension 3133 and ask to speak with Carol. I did not return the call. I wasn't in when the call arrive but the message was left on my voice mail that I did not delete for further investigation if need be. I have read reviews about that company and wasn't amazed at all by all of the negative comments receive.
    • Caller: C.T.I 1-800-624-4284x3133
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    CTI Hater
    CTI Collection Services, Inc
    3333 West Arthington Street,
    Chicago, Illinois 60620
    • Caller: CTI
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    Why do they keep calling and they are harassing my fiance?  She has nothing to do w/this matter
    • Caller: 1-800-620-4284
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    Carol Carronas (800) 620-4284 ext 3133 with CTI.  I have NO student loans and have NEVER had any student loans.  I've informed this company before that they have the wrong person, yet they continue to call me and harass me, even with my number being on the "National Do Not Call Registry".  They are being reported.
    • Caller: CTI
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    The truth about fatherhood replies to bothered
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    These guys are shady as heck, they called my brother and started to ask him questions about where i lived, who my employers where, what my contact numbers were. He refused to answer and started to ask them, who they were what they wanted, where they where located, and they refused to answer. They just gave him a reference number and told him, that they would be garnishing my wages from my job if i didn't get a hold of them. Garnishing my wages!!! why ask where I work if you're gonna be garnishing my wages!!!??! Anyhow, I do have student loans, but I am on a payment plan with both the university I attended and The department of education. I will be reporting these scums not only to them but to consumer affairs, i recomend anyone trying to be scammed by these people do the same. P.S the guy that talked to my brother went by the name of John Charleston.
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    God in Person
    Generic Company website: http://collectiontechnology.com/
    Owner:Chris E. Van Dellen
    His city Residence: Burbank, CA
    His address: http://intelius.com/search-summary-out.php?ReportType=1&qf=chris&qmi=&qn=van+dellen&qs=&trackit=74&focusfirst=1
    Employee Pay: $12 per hour
    • Caller: CTI
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    Annoyed Recipient of Multiple Calls
    This number -- 1-800-620-4284 called me twice today,.asking for somebody with my same last name.  

    The first time they called, I said I had never heard of that person and that they must have the wrong number.

    This evening, a different person called asking for the same person.  When I explained I never heard of that person they are asking about AND that somebody from the "unavailable" number of 1-800-620-4284 called earlier in the day, the person denied it.   Then they began to argue with me.

    Who needs this in their life?!  I informed the caller  that I have documented the times and the phone number, and that if they dare to call me again, I will report it to the FCC and follow it up with lawsuit.  I am tired of intrusions like this.
    • Caller: Unavailable
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    I receive phone calls from them daily. I do not have any business with them, although I believe the local hospital put my outstanding emergency room bill under them. I only owed $348 and was paying the hospital bit by bit but they STILL put the balance under these scums. They send me letters telling me they are "ashamed" of me for not even contacting them - what am I, a child?! I refuse to pay them and only want to pay the hospital directly, which they are refusing.
    • Caller: CTI
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    Don't fall for their crap
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    CTI will resort to anything to dupe you.  I have a paid student loan and now I get them?  They actually told my roommate that they were going to call my landloard?  What are they going to tell him?  My landlord could give a rats [***], all he cares about is getting my rent check on time!

    Oh get this, the Collectors name is Miracle...give me e break....
    • Caller: CTI
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    Julie Edwards
    | 19 replies
    Dear Student Loan Debtors:

    You need to educate yourself about the laws of student loan collections before making the decision to just avoid the calls and hope it will go away.

    Here are a few points you will hear when talking to a contracted company of the Dept of Education regarding your student loans:
    Administrative Wage Garnishment provisions provide for the garnishment of your wages, directly from your employer, without going to court and without your permission.
    Also, in the event of non-payment, the Department of Education may decide it is necessary to forward your account to the U.S. Department of Justice to file a civil lawsuit against you.
    They’ve passed a law to extend indefintely the statute of limitations on defaulted student loans, which essentially means you will owe this forever.
    Department of Education can add up to 24% in collection fees of your principal and interest.
    And, they’ve implemented a program to sieze all Federal Tax Refunds and may seize State Tax Refunds in the near future as well.

    This is not consumer debt, so the leverage collection agencies have for these student loans is ligitimate. BUT ... there are ways you can resolve the account and get some benefits.
    Settlements are available where you can do a pay off at a reduced amount if you can do a 1 time lump sum pay off.
    Rehabilitation requires you to make an approved payment for 9-10 months, then the account(s) will no longer be in default, cleans up your credit, and the collection and miscellanious fees get waived. You will have to update a complete financial statement 1st ... just like if you apply for a car or personal loan. You have so justify why you can not pay it off in full and that you can support a monthly payment plan. The references are used in the event the collector loses contact with you, these will be people who will know how to get a message to you. Your personal account information can not be disclosed.
    Want to go back to school and finish your education? Ask about Title IV (Title Four).

    Yes ... I am a collector, and I think it's important for all of you to know true information about student loans instead is nonsense opinions that some people post on these walls. Believe it or not, we are trying to help you resolve your account before the account gets forwarded for garnishment.

    The choice is yours ... usually voluntary payments are a lot cheaper than 15% of your wages. If we can't reach you, you leave us no other choice.

    Good luck!
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    This company called my husbands grandmother a 80 year old women. They called her 4 times in one day looking for me. They told her my ss# and my birthdate. They insited that she was me and when she told them she wasn't going to give them any info they told her that they were going to call all of her neighbors and stalk her and them till they found info about me. I thought it was illegal to give out another persons ss# and date of birth. We have no idea how they got her phone number (brand new number) or her addy since i didn't even know her when i took out the loans.
    • Caller: CTI
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    I agree with most of you that debt collectors are a real pain.  Just like you, I avoid "800" numbers and "Unknown" calls, but I answered the phone this time and it was the first time I was not threatened with all of the usual threats.  I was somewhat impressed so I stayed on the line and waited for the first hint of a threat and never got it.  In fact, the guy was polite (Edward Torres, ext. 3131) I hope the spelling is correct...
    I was given time to think and my bill was reduced significantly.  I went through the procedures I was given and things went very smooth.
    These people are doing their job but I agree that most of them can be ignorant but the smart ones will be polite if they want your money.  I have told many rude bill collectors to $*%$# and then hang up.  Not too long afterword, I filed for bankruptcy.
    BUT, because this guy gave me a chance without being a #&^$, everything worked out nicely.
    So, if any bill collectors read this message, there are betters ways to get the money.  Don't harass and treat us like humans...
    • Caller: Unknown
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    satisfied replies to Julie Edwards
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    I owe
    I am currently dealing with CTi for an outstanding student loan. I have to agree with Julie and satisfied, I have never had a problem with them and they were very informative with my options. I was not forced to make a decision then and there. In fact, I was given time to think over what I would like to do and call Mary (ext 3143) back the next day. I can only think that maybe the people above that are saying negative things are because they were rude to the agents calling them. Also, you have to remember, YOU took the loan out, YOU agreed to the terms of repayment, and YOU chose not to pay them back. YOU can not get angry with them because it is YOUR own fault they are calling. Some collectors can be short, I agree. Also, it is YOUR responsibility to educate yourself on the statute of limitations. Yes, student loans are exempt from this, but other monies owed, ie credit cards, medical bills, etc... Everything has a statute of limitations. When your account is passed off to a bill collector, the company that was originally owed has already written it off as non payment. The bill collector pays the original company pennies for your debt and then tries to collect the money. Certain collectors profit majorly from collecting on debt that is past the statute of limitations. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. For example, credit card debt in California has a statute of limitations of 3 years. Yes, it will remain on your credit but after 3 years have passed, you don't have to pay the creditor but you will still have a bad mark on your credit. The economy sucks and most people don't know how to manage their money... That's how I got into this situation. I worked a full time job, had rent, bills, and was trying to go to school full time with no help from my parents. However, the loan is my responsibility and everyone else needs to take responsibility for their own debt. Stop complaining and just pay it!!!
    • Caller: CTi
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    I'm the Personnel person for a small company. I got a call from this company requesting a call back regarding a "FEDERAL WAGE GARNISHMENT" they were trying to cancel. They wouldn't leave the name of the individual they were looking for, only said "We don't think the subject person still works for your company". This company is really sleazy, and disruptive to other non-involved parties. They attempt to mislead you with "official sounding narrative".  This is the type company "hackers" should go after to bring down their systems rather than legitimate companies with a public good. Making threats and lying to consumers should be a violation of the (FCRA) Fair Credit Reporting Act, but like everything else these laws and acts are designed to appease the public and not give the consumer real "teeth" in our dealings with collection companies. Legitmate debts should be paid! However, pummeling and kicking people in the teeth for making financial mistakes shouldn't be allowed. The big banks and automotives got billions from the government in order to pay their bills and stay in business--what is available for the average Joe? Nothing but the likes of CTI. Wake up people; the politicians we send to Washington are not sensitive to you, they're in bed with Wall Street and other multi-national companies. When the President can spend $50,000 a night on vacation, coming from a job as a local activist---give me a break!
    • Caller: CTI
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    Collection Technology Inc web site contact info:

    Corporate Office:
    1200 Corporate Ctr Dr Suite 325
    Monterey Park, CA 91754
    Toll Free Numbers:
    (800) 743-4284
    (800) 620-4284
    FAX: (323) 446-0646
    Branch Office:
    10801 6th Street Suite 200
    Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
    Mailing Address: PO Box 2017
    Monterey Park, CA 91754

    I have written CTI at the above multiple times to only mail me information. They still call.

    Perhaps this works better
    PO B2036
    Montery, CA 91754

    I have a stress related condition which I am applying for disability for and their calls cause me severe duress. I first spoke with a Michael (MPW). I told him my situation, after grilling me for my id. He claimed they never rec'd my notes. I have a hard time dealing with stress, he was going on about legal action against me and found this very stressfull.  I asked for their address which he should have already had at his desk. Instead he put me on hold. The hold music was some baby music, worse than the Barney theme song. When one is agitated, dealing with credit collectors, the type of music can make the experience worse. I told him this.   I asked to speak to his manager Anna Anderson. I was going to mention their mailing address should be at workers desks so they don't have to put people on hold. I started off, by saying the baby hold music was inappropriate. She replied with feeling that my feedback was irrelevant. I asked to speak to her manager. She put me on hold with the baby music and the call dropped. I called them back and asked to speak to a supervisors supervisor and was told I would speak with Annie Gonzolez. Instead I spoke with Eric Castro. I told him I expected to be treated with dignity. I explained I had written them multiple times to only mail me stuff, that I was applying for disability and that these calls are very disturbing to me. I said that I thought the hold music was inappropriate. He said that was not going to change. I said it ought to be considered. He then threatened to call the police on me for expecting him to consider this feedback and hung up. I called back for Annie Gonzolez x3104, the cruelest hardest hearted of the bunch. She kept harping how I have not paid my debts in 20 years, why not? why? why? She asked why didn't my boyfriend pay my debts for me? Why did I sign the loan contract when I was 17 if I was unable to pay it off? This train of thought could really make me feel bad about myself, which is probably her motive. It is people like her that make American citizens crash their personal airplanes into their building like that one guy in debt did last year.

    She also stated that they did not have to provide customer service, that they only had to provide the facts, that despite Eric threatening me with the police, the two people hanging up on me this was acceptable. I found this greatly upsetting, especially since I have written them many times to stop calls.

    I filed a complaint with the FDIC and the FTC which I recommend you do, too.
    • Caller: CTI (Collections Technology Inc)

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