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800 area code: Toll-free
Report a phone call from 800-652-1473 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    This number has been calling my cell phone several times a day for the alst several days.  When I answer there's no-one there.
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    This shows up on my caller ID as "800 service". They call several times a day. I have picked up a couple of times and each time they are soliciting for something different. First it was a legal service, then a directory listing service. So I am thinking that it is a service that companies can hire to do their mass calling spam. I asked to be put on their do not call list and they hung up on me.
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    claim to be with merchant services for "discovery card"
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    Continue to call our office, three times today already. I ask to be taken off their list and she wanted my name (which she could not understand three times I spoke it). She then goes on to ask if I know what the call is about, I explained yes since they have called repeatedly for three days, and that one more time WE WERE NOT INTERESTED. Very annoying.
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    Get several calls a day from this number but there is never anyone there.  Real annoying!
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    Just got another call from this number and finally there was someone there!  I got her name and she said she was calling from LCA or Legal Club of America.  She claimed that noone from that company has called us before, and I requested that we be taken off their call list or further action will be taken.  I'll report if I still receive any more calls.
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    I have had about 8 phone calls from this number tryed to call them to tell them to take me off the calling list they do not pick up the ask for you to leave your name and number? annoying!!!!
    • Caller: ??
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    i also keep receiving calls from this #.  toni stated that she was calling from Legal Services about my Discover Merchant account.  i asked for her phone number and she argued with me and then hung up.
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    Just got a call but nobody replys when I answer.
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    Just got another call, but I answered it using FBI and got an immediate hangup
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    I get calls several times a week, often several a day and there is never an answer when I pick up the phone.  When I called back I only got a voice mail.
    • Caller: Merchant Services Protection Plan
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    after dealing with these people for 3 weeks and not being able to get rid of them I had my attorney look into who they are. It turns out the name of the company they are marketing for is "Legal Club Of America" - http://legalclub.com/ and their corporate office can be reached at  (954) 377-0222 (if you call the corporate office they actually speak English and understand the words "take me off your list")...  Best of luck to anyone else dealing with these [***].
    • Caller: Legal Club Of America
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    e. Hack
    They have called twice today, this last time I picked up. No one was there, just some static noise. I asked them "Please just stop calling me!" and then hung up.
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    Received three calls a day repeatedly for a month on my cell phone.  No one there each time I answered.  Finally, today, someone spoke.  They spoke broken english and said they were from Discover Merchant Account Services.  She rattled on something else and when I said I couldn't understand what she was saying - she hung up on me.
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    Merchant who has been scammed before!
    "Merchant Services Protection Plan", from Legal Club of America, is another "business partner" of Discover Network operated by United Marketing Group, similar to their "Merchant Technical Solutions" and "Merchant Discount Health Plan". Discover Network shares names and phone numbers of merchants who accept Discover Cards with these operations, who then make unsolicited cold calls to the merchants from boiler-room call centers, to attempt to get the merchant to sign up for services. There have been cases reported of merchants being billed -- as part of their normal billing from Discover Network, thus automatically debited from the merchant's bank account -- for services that were never authorized. If you are a merchant who accepts Discover cards, call the Discover Network Merchant Sevices Center at 1-800-347-2000 and tell them you don't want your information shared with any of their "business partners", to avoid these unsolicited calls.  Check your Discover Network statements, and if you see you have been billed for services you didn't authorize, call Discover Network to get the contact info for the business partner and call them to cancel the service and request a full refund. Also contact your bank immediately, as you may be able to have charges returned to your account if you catch it quickly enough (30 days for a personal account and 2 days for a business account). If charges are refunded to you by the bank, Discover Network may put a hold on your merchant account, so be sure to explain the whole situation to their Merchant Sevices Center and ask that any hold be removed, after the bank has made the refund. Discover Network issues a "Do Not Call" notice for your phone number if you request it, but it may take up to a month to take effect, since the current month's list of Discover merchants is already circulating with the business partners.
    • Caller: Legal Clu of America
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    • Caller: 800 SERVICE
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    They called our company and scamed over $500 in claiming they are a merchant services department and actually took information from an employee and began deducting their fees from our credit card accounts.
    • Caller: legal club of america
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    Getting called serval times a day from 800 Service - no one there when I answer, won't leave a message
    • Caller: 800 service
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    Fed Up with Telemarketers Too. replies to Eric
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    Stop Harassment Now?  If you were legitimate, you would identify yourself instead of just promising to help.  This is the same thing the callers identified as "800 Service" are doing and I would bet anything that you are the same people.  Sure....sucker people into calling your number so you can validate the number as a good one to continue calling.  You people are vermin.

    Here is a long, slow but ultimately effective way to fight telemarketers.  Each time they call, if you get a person "Demand" they never call your number again.  Legally, they have to comply.  If they continue calling, they are breaking the law.  Also, they are breaking the law if when you pick up the telephone and you get a recorded message instead of a live human.  Better yet, if they leave a recorded message on your answering machine or voicemail, save it as evidence.

    If you are not enrolled with the Federal "Do Not Call" List do so immediately.  You have to wait 31 days before you can start reporting these calls, but after the 31 days are elapsed, report each and every one.....especially if you received a recorded message.

    You may also want to file formal complaints with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and your state's Attorney General's Office.  

    If your telephone company offers a call trace star code (*57 is the code my telephone company uses). dial it IMMIDEATELY upon hanging up from a telemarketing call.  It will cause your phone company to trace the last call received  (that way federal, state, county and local law enforcement can subpeona the phone records to press charges). This is helpful for the FTC and Attorney General, as well as local law enforcement.
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    I as well, have gotten multiple calls from 800 Service.

    Of the few times I did manage to talk to someone (they asking for some person besides me), I told them that person wasn't at my # & took put me on a "Do Not Call" listing... they kept calling.

    Despite filing 3 complaints with the "National Do Not Call" registry,  they keep calling,
    I've also received calls from 800 Service with from different source numbers, I've made a practice to add each # to my phone service call blocking service.

    To date I've blocked at least 5 different numbers against 800 Service, they're like a bad penny that keeps coming back....
    • Caller: 800 Service

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