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888 area code: Toll-free
Report a phone call from 888-815-2843 and help to identify who and why is calling from this number.
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    This lady named Nadalie or Madalie called for me and I pretended I wasn't home and pretended to be someone else. She said for Ashley, (me), to giver her a call back at this number with her ext. number. She was calling from the east coast.
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    they just called me 3 times in a row 1:47, 2:00 and 2:10
    no voicemail. ridiculous.
    • Caller: ?
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    Called me 5 times in last few days with no message. No idea who this is and have not called the number.
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    Its Cost professional and they are a collections group.
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    got a call @ 3:20 pst from this number. I googled it. Called it back and a voice recording informed me that 'all operators are busy with....' I held for a couple of minutes and then hung up. If my call was that 'mportant to them' they would have had an operator standing by!
    • Caller: not identified
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    Toll Free Number Information for 1-888-815-2843

    Number Status:    IN USE
    Status Date:    07/22/05
    Company:     Verizon Business
    Contact Number:     8002652316
    Website:     verizonbusiness.com
    Description:     Verizon Business offers advanced IP, data, voice and wireless solutions to large business and government.
    Other prefixes for this number

    Number    Number Status    Status Date
    800-815-2843    IN USE    08/18/04
    866-815-2843    IN USE    06/22/01
    877-815-2843    IN USE    10/12/09
    • Caller: cingular
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    This company is Coast Professional, Inc.

    They are a collection agency for Universities and Colleges.  This debt is most likely past the statute of limitations for your state's legal collection laws.  Please make sure you speak with a professional consultant prior to discussing anything over the phone with a collection's agency.  This may save you hundreds or thousands of dollars.

    Additional Info:

    Coast Professional Inc.
    888 S. Disneyland Dr., Suite 100
    Anaheim, CA 92802
    Phone: 800.231.0225
    Direct: 714.678.8787
    Fax: 714.678.8765
    • Caller: Coast Professional, Inc.
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    Coast Professional. College collections. You account is probably uncollectable and past the statute of limitations. Don't sweat it. Don't call them back.

    Add them to your call block list.

    "Let them eat static!" -Kahn, The Wrath of Kahn.
    • Caller: Coast Professional.
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    Coastal Collections A$$ Kicker
    Apparently Coastal called looking for me at an old neighbors house. How weird??? Fortunately, my friend gave them NO info. I suspect they randomly called adjacent addresses "home telephone numbers" hoping someone would give them my physical address or location. I dont have a home #. The person looking for me was named apparently named Felica  and said she was wanting a reference.....HOW NICE. I *67'd the number and got a voice mail for a world class gay sounding Russ Barnes (official [***]) asking for all my personal info in a voicemail. I hung up. I dont owe any school loans so IDK what the hell??? Even if I did I am a GHOST to any and ALL debt collectors and will never be found. BEWARE!!!! These losers are real seedy dirtbags trying to take your $$$$$.
    • Caller: Coastal Collections
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    Yea they called me too, but I answered yea it was about my educational debt that I have but they helped me out with a small payment plan, and those who think there is a statute of limitation on educational debt are sadly mistaken, it follows you to the day you die unless they goverment starts to garnish you or taking your taxes. Just a FYI  for those who are misinformed it doesnt work like oweing a credit card or a repo. Im a professional debtor but I dont mess around with my Educational loans anymore Ill pay those one way or another.
    • Caller: Coast Professional
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    COLLECTOR replies to Bob
    | 5 replies
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    They called me too, 4x in a row, no message. I think it's an automatic dialer. Screw these people, how hard it is to leave a voice mail??? They need to get their damn machine to leave a message, because nobody is going to call back an 888 number to investigate.
    • Caller: Telemarketers
    • Call type: Telemarketer
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    Called my cell phone for an ex roommate from 3 years ago who moved out of the country.
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    Jon Gray
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    The Statute of Limitiations on debt does NOT mean you don't owe the money anymore - it only means the Creditor can not sue you in court to get it back. If you owe a school money, you gotta pay it. If it goes to collection, and you don't pay, it goes on your credit record, and could end up costing you more than the original debt in higher interest rates on future loans.  

    Do NOT ignore the call.  First, validate it is a real debt you incurred. Coast will give you info on what school is trying to collect, and what year, and for how much.  If you never went to that school, and you truly know it is not your debt, that it's a mistake, then you can tell Coast you won't pay, and then you have to try to clear the collection with the Credit Bureaus. Which is not fun or simple.  It doesn't help contacting the school, once they send a bill to collection they don't deal with it anymore.

    If it is your debt, and you don't want to pay, you can ignore it and let your credit score drop.  Or, you can declare bankruptcy. Which again, will cost you money in future loans by REALLY screwing up your credit for at least 10 years.  7 years 'by law', but believe me all those bad marks stay on there for much longer.
    • Caller: Coast Proffessional
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    Anon 1 replies to Jon Gray
    Typical message from a bill collector's shill. Ignore everything said in "Jon Gray"'s post. NEVER deal with collection agencies. ALWAYS go directly to the alleged creditor. You NEVER win with a collection agency and you will pay more than you really owe.

    Remember, collection agencies make their money by buying "claims" from people who think you owe them money for pennies on the dollar. If you pay the full amount, you're not paying the original creditor, you're financing the collection agency and making the harassment they dump on you a lucrative business.

    Further, contrary to what "Jon Gray" says, the statute of limitations, working with the FDCPA, prevents ANY efforts by a collection agency to collect an "invalid debt." If a collection agency tries to collect a "debt" after the applicable statute of limitations, it's an "invalid debt" and they violate the FDCPA. If they do this they are liable to you for actual damages plus $1,000 in statutory damages. That's why most credit reporting agencies drop claims after seven years.

    Collectors play games by assigning the claim (that's all it is until a court finds you liable... a CLAIM... any one can "claim" anything, it's proof and timely action that make it a "debt") from one collection agency to another. That doesn't affect the statute of limitations and if they try to collect from you one day after the statute expires, they've broken the law.

    Finally, one collection account (or even a few) won't impact your credit score enough to make it a good economic decision to pay something you don't owe or more than the original creditor received to transfer its claim the a collection agency. There are so many factors which go into determining a credit score that one issue won't amount to a hill of beans in all likelihood. One of those factors is your legal right to submit a 100 word statement explaining your dispute which MUST be included on any credit report that contains the claim. You can do this, for free, once a year online or in writing.

    The so-called "bad marks" which stay on your credit report after the legal deadline for them to fall off the report are simple to remedy. Use the dispute procedure identified above and they WILL drop off your report. If you are denied or pay more for credit based on an item which shouldn't be on your report because it's too old, call a lawyer.

    DO ignore the calls. DO contact the school. If for some reason they refer you to the collection agency, drop the issue. They don't want your money that badly, apparently. In decades of practicing law I've NEVER had a creditor (certainly not a school) who wouldn't eventually deal with someone who wants to work out a payment arrangement.

    Collection agencies routinely violate the law and, like "Jon Gray"'s post, routinely misrepresent the law. It's in their financial interest to do so. Remember these rules of thumb:

    (1) Bill collectors lie,
    (2) The law says bill collectors can't do certain things (like lie and misrepresent the law), but they do anyway,
    (3) The only answer a bill collector will EVER accept from you is "yes, massa, I be payin" right away,"
    (4) Bill collectors rarely have enough legal documentation of any claim to prove a debt in court and no one will spend thousands in legal fees to collect a few hundred dollars,
    (5) Call blocking features, changing your phone number, letting calls go to voice mail and never listening to the messages all work to take away the one thing bill collectors actually have as a weapon... annoyance.

    Be strong. Get good advice. Never pay a collection agency.
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    They will keep calling regardless of being told not to call and this company won't send you a bill regards their nefarious claims of a debt being owed.
    • Caller: Coastal Collections
    • Call type: Debt collector
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    mahaylo replies to JANE
    You're only partially right about educational loans. If you have a FEDERALLY FUNDED educational loan then yes, they stick with you for life. If you have a loan from or debt to a private school it falls under the statute of limitations. I'm speaking from experience. My loans passed the statute of limitations last year and they were deleted. Remember, Sallie Mae and loans like that are the ones that will stick with you forever, not debt actually to the school.
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    Mahaylo replies to COLLECTOR
    | 4 replies
    Of course a "collector" would want you to think this. Look up your individual state statutes.
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    marcia replies to Mahaylo
    | 3 replies
    Ok, but what about inflated charges for moving out of campus housing at ASU. My campus housing charged me for numerous things, including their stove. Why? Not sure. That seems like something they need to take care of and was on the list for repairs I sent them along with a laundry list of other items they never took care of such as the dishwasher, blinds, tile, etc. I did appeal and got 2k reduced but not the stove.

    One of my neighbors was charged for painting when she moved out. That also seems like something the housing office is responsible for.

    They did not try to collect until the statute of limitations for taking them to court passed!
    Now, they are holding my transcripts until I pay for their stove, which by the way, I hardly used.

    So, I think that yes, there is a statute when it is a private debt to the school, but they are holding my transcripts hostage indefinitely until I pay.

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