The 10 Most Influential Scientists of 2012


Best College Reviews released an infographic highlighting the 10 most important scientists of 2012 and their breakthroughs. Below are some featured examples. Which one do you find the most interesting among the group? John Hafernik: Biology, San Francisco State University – Revealed a parasitic fly responsible for the worldwide honey bee disappearance. Bees are responsible for pollenating about a third of the U.S. food supply. Nate Silver: Statistics, New York Times – Predicted 2012 election results accurately adding to his impressive resume of statistical prediction. James…

29 Groundbreaking Women In STEM


When I was a little girl growing up in Michigan, my parent’s garage was my study, the swamp down the street was my amusement park, and the lagoon in my backyard was my basin of fun and adventure.  I was the only girl in my neighborhood, so helping my dad, now a retired electrical engineer, fix things in the garage was status quo. I didn’t think of myself as a tomboy. I just loved learning about how things worked. I thrived off of collecting and…

Kickstart My Heart With A 3D Printed Robotic Hand


My desires are simple. I want the impossible to be realized, and I want the future to get here faster. With today’s technology and advances in the sciences, it’s really not a tall order. While we may not have hot tub time machines in our backyards to expedite the process, we do have some titillating products on the market that are opening minds to what is possible on a tangible level. Yes, I’m talking about 3D printing. All the rage at SXSW, the Kairos Society…

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