Kickstart My Heart With A 3D Printed Robotic Hand

My desires are simple. I want the impossible to be realized, and I want the future to get here faster. With today’s technology and advances in the sciences, it’s really not a tall order. While we may not have hot tub time machines in our backyards to expedite the process, we do have some titillating products on the market that are opening minds to what is possible on a tangible level. Yes, I’m talking about 3D printing. All the rage at SXSW, the Kairos Society summit, and across the Maker community, 3D printing machines are the sexy items du jour. Since they hit the market, I’ve been pondering how they can be used for social impact. Then I met Easton LaChappelle and it all became clear.

Easton recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to develop a humanoid robotic hand and arm that’s much lower in cost than any other available. This 17-year-old began his bionic journey three years ago, and there’s no stopping him now.


Ingenuity runs through Easton’s veins. Two years ago, he designed a new hand with computer modeling software, and then asked MakerBot Industries to print the plastic bones. To control the limb, he used a Nintendo Power Glove. He then made a brain-based  controller by hacking the headset of the board game Mindflex. Now he’s ready to take his mission to the next level.

To lend a helping hand (pun intended) to Easton’s project, check out his Kickstarter page and spread the magic!

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