The Clinton Global Initiative & Mashable Social Good Summit Take Manhattan


  New York, New York, here we come! There’s nowhere else in the world I’d rather be this weekend than my old stomping grounds. The Clinton Global Initiative is holding its annual meeting in Manhattan on Sept. 23 to 25, and Incentivize is going to be there to see all the magic happen!  With more than 1,000 participants including global leaders, Fortune 500 CEOs, nonprofit organizers, and celebrity activists convening to instigate social change, mountains are sure to fall. Focused on how business and human capital…

Love Yourself For Everyone’s Sake


Guest post by Katie Cahnmann “When people believe in themselves they have the first secret of success.” ~Norman Vincent Peale Self-Love, Self-Esteem, Self-Confidence, Self-Awareness, Self-Worth…. The recurring theme here is “SELF!” Yes, YOU matter. I have long been a strong believer in the importance of self-recognition and being able to love oneself, which sounds simple enough. But in reality it poses quite the challenge, especially for individuals who were raised in households unable to provide them with the necessary love and nurturance needed to thrive…

Food Revolution Day: Stand Up For Real Food!


It’s time to party, people! And how can you refuse a shindig hosted by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver? This May 19th, you’re invited to participate in Jamie’s first ever Food Revolution celebration, which is encouraging a worldwide effort to promote healthy eating. Food Revolution Day was created to inspire people to get back to the basics, and start thinking about where the sources of their food. Remember, you are what you eat! For me, this means being healthier by cutting back on processed foods and…

Adrian Grenier Is Flexing Media Literacy Muscle Nationwide

Photo by Henie Reisinger

In today’s digitally enhanced climate filled with magazines, second screens, and celebritized gossip machines, how do we filter through all the noise? How do we teach our youth, as well ourselves, to fully comprehend the messages that are thrust upon us with every channel change, mouse click and ad campaign-clustered stroll down the street? Because the truth of the matter is that we all have a blind spot at times when it comes to spotting the truth. While a number of perspectives we ingest from…

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