Sarah Hill Delivers Hybrid Newscast Via Google+ Hangouts


During the last few years, the fusion of social media and journalism has been an exciting, invigorating and somewhat frightening. With our constant connectivity, the onslaught of real-time posts at our fingertips, and rapid fire factoids being watered down and lacking second sources, the proliferation of misinformation has become a borderline, social norm. ¬†However, the flip side of social media and the news is sparking hope for mass media consumption. The intersection of journalism and the social web doesn’t have to lead to a dark…

Kony 2012 Part II: With Great Virality Comes Great Responsibility


With great virality comes great responsibility for the content creator, as well as the content consumer‚ÄĒcase in point: Invisible Children’s behemoth video campaign Kony 2012. The 30-minute juggernaut documentary about Ugandan Rebel leader Joseph Kony has been cited as the most viral video in history. Along with that record-breaking status, an onslaught of criticism has ensued. Not only was the effectiveness and validity of the campaign attacked, the moral integrity and nonprofit status of Invisible Children was scrutinized. In a day and age, when mass…

Nuru Project: Stunning Photojournalism For Social Change

Photo by Kirk Mastin

Photojournalist¬†Wendy Watriss once wrote that “photojournalism at its best embodies our ability to benefit the issues¬†and people with whom we connect.” ¬†I couldn’t think of a better reason to snap a few shots. Some of the most iconic images of all time have been bestowed upon us by photojournalists. From pictures of the anti-war movement during Vietnam to quiet, tranquil moments of peace captured through the lens, photographs evoke emotions in us in an instant. That’s powerful, and that’s why JB Reed,¬†a¬†photographer¬†turned social entrepreneur, is…

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