The Clinton Global Initiative & Mashable Social Good Summit Take Manhattan


  New York, New York, here we come! There’s nowhere else in the world I’d rather be this weekend than my old stomping grounds. The Clinton Global Initiative is holding its annual meeting in Manhattan on Sept. 23 to 25, and Incentivize is going to be there to see all the magic happen!  With more than 1,000 participants including global leaders, Fortune 500 CEOs, nonprofit organizers, and celebrity activists convening to instigate social change, mountains are sure to fall. Focused on how business and human capital…

Revolutionizing The Food System: It’s About That Time


Guest post by Sam Rye What if the food system was the next industry to become more decentralized like music, communication and e-commerce? Well, we think that’s going to happen. In short, because it has to happen. Plain and simple, the centralised, industrialised food system which currently produces 99% of food in the United Stated, United Kingdom, and Australia is unsustainable in its current form and is ripe for disruption. The last 50 years of agriculture and food distribution have seen many advancements including better access…

Hershey’s Big Kiss: Chocolate, Community & Fair Trade?


Holy chocolate! As it turns out, Hershey stands for more than just loading us up with sugary sweetness and benefitting from child labor. On Monday, the Hershey Company released its second Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report, “Listen, Learn, Act,” which reportedly listed ample progress with regard to its social change and sustainability goals of 2010. The report highlights Hershey’s priorities and initiatives in four main areas. These include: Marketplace, which includes the company’s commitment to fair and ethical business dealings; Environment, which includes Hershey’s environmental…

Which Brand Wins? McDonald’s vs. Wendy’s


You want fries with that environmentally hazardous, potentially cancer-causing cup, or would you like to reduce the of terminal illness in your country? You want electrically shocked chickens with that shake, or would you like non-abused animals in your sandwich? Two major fast food restaurant chains are making moves to be more socially responsible, and they’re doing more than giving customers additional salad options. According to, McDonald’s is launching a pilot program to phase out polystyrene beverage cups, while testing out double-walled paper hot cups to…

Clinton Global Initiative University: Hoop Dreams And Hope For Social Change


There is a stigma attached to the millenial generation—one that suggests it largely consists of self-entitled lazy slacktavists. However, there is also a burgeoning group of innovators in this demographic, a rising army of capable and creative crusaders for social good. This is evident in the tremendous turnout of college students participating in the Clinton Global Initiative University’s (CGI U) Commitment Challenge, a competition bringing college students together to address the world’s toughest problems. More than 1,000 students from 250 universities around the globe are…

Architecting Health: Designing Buildings To Heal


“When you go to a hospital you expect to heal. That’s not always the case.” ~Michael Murphy, Founding Partner and Executive Director of MASS Design Group At this moment in time and beyond, design thinking is a practice and movement that every city and community should be embracing. At the end of February, a slew of designers and scholars came together at the Rockefeller Foundation headquarters in New York for the Social Impact Design Summit, where they discussed ways to use socially responsible design to improve…

Every Day is International Women’s Day For Women in CSR


Our good friend and Senior Vice President and Director of Global Marketing at FENTON, Susan McPherson, wrote an insightful piece about the role of women in corporate social responsibility for TriplePundit . Highlighting three key CSR facets including green (sustainability), compassion (philanthropy), and transparency (open, consistent and honest dialogue), she brings attention to concrete examples of women making positive strides in each. Under the Women in Green domain, McPherson describes the work of multiple female change agents paving the way for other leaders in social…

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